Labor has become more than a means of putting money on the table or getting the job done.
It is about connecting the purposes of individuals and companies, creating opportunities for everyone involved.
By contributing to our stakeholders’ values to bet on passion, wow the world and prioritize social value,
USG People Belgium creates opportunities for life: for employees, companies, governments and society at large.

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Different brands, one mission

USG People is not “a brand.” It is an ecosystem of brands, a multi-brand story encompassing different needs, ambitions and aspirations. We do not believe in “one size fits all”. Together we create opportunities for life, using digital tools and solutions for insights and processes,
putting the individual at the core.

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USG People invests in digital solutions and tooling – but not just for the sake of being digital.
We are dynamically digital, using technology to support our mission and provide faster, simpler and closer solutions. As a multi-brand HR partner, we can instantly address the diversity of companies’ and candidates’ needs by guiding them personally and digitally in their shared professional journey.


By reducing complexity, we create value, keeping our processes efficient, effective and transparent.
We maintain quality by focusing on meaningful interactions between our brands, companies and individuals. Thanks to our expertise, personalized service and innovative tooling, we make every step a step in the right direction.


As a multi-brand HR partner, we strive to stay close to our clients, candidates and employees by really knowing their changing needs, and adapting ourselves to secure their best possible futures. Expertise, smart solutions and common sense guide us in creating closer connections and sustainable relationships with our clients, employees and candidates.

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